Our vision

We’re living in a world of accelerated change. Technology is transforming the way we live at an unprecedented rate and issues around the globe/world are being met with innovation and a determination to improve lives.  

There are, however, challenges ahead. A growing global population is putting a strain on resources, natural disasters are causing frequent setbacks, with hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and fires becoming a part of modern life – particularly in the developing world and we need radical action if we are to tackle climate change.

SHS can become part of the solution. By bringing together the world’s most innovative, eco-friendly housing, energy, water and health protection techniques and applying them at scale in the developing world, SHS is creating safer and more sustainable environments for generations to come.

No one can solve the challenges we face alone. But by sharing resources and working together, we can start to build a better world. We can start to build a better future.

Our vision demands a long-term commitment and that’s exactly what we make when we devise and deliver our projects. In everything we do, SHS is dedicated to building on what currently exists and helping communities thrive over the long term.