Collaboration is at the heart of SHS. By working together, we can harness the best technologies, expertise and experience to build a more sustainable world for future generations.

We work with a variety of partners from governments and non-governmental organisations, finance corporations to private sector companies. As a holding company, we have a number of subsidiaries and share partnerships with other businesses – enabling us to deliver the best possible solutions. A combination of the following partners and their technologies enables SHS to create fully-sustainable, safe environments for communities all over the world.

Baupanel Systems

As a subsidiary of SHS, Baupanel Systems enables SHS to build sustainable, safe structures at speed and scale. The technology means we can complete construction at a considerably faster rate than any other developer.

The company uses unique structural panels that are earthquake,hurricane and fire resistant with thermo-acoustic insulation. The versatile system allows for more flexible, and creative architecture, achieving more economical buildings, constructed efficiently and sustainably. By connecting the panels in a monolithic way, according to the layout of the walls and slabs, and without using any type of joint, a super tri-dimensional structure of reinforced concrete is generated. This construction technique makes it possible to complete any type of architectural work, from single-family homes to multi-floor buildings.
The robust nature of the system, combined with the speed at which it can be deployed, makes Baupanel the perfect solution to deliver sustainable accommodation at speed anywhere in the world.
Baupanel Systems:
• Reduces CO2 emissions when in residential use by up to 65%.
• Reduces CO2 emissions during construction by up to 40%
• Up to 25% savings on the direct execution costs
• Produces energy savings of up to 82% (50 kWhr/m2/year)
• Increases the global security co-efficient by up to 8 times
• 200% more resistant

Suite Living

Founded in 2017, Suite Living is a subsidiary of SHS and its mission is to redefine the student living experience as we know it. Suite Living provides students with a secure, study friendly environment including recreational facilities and relaxing outdoor surroundings enabling students to gain the best possible experience throughout their studies.

There has been an exponential rise in the populations of most African countries over the past 15 years, leading to a surge in the enrolment of students and, consequently, an increase in the number of universities. Increased enrolments have placed an immense strain on higher educational institutions, giving forth to various infrastructural constraints, among which – student accommodation. As a result students have become at risk of exploitation, residing in distracting environments often far away from their university due to insufficiency of on-campus accommodation.

With a focus on developing countries, Suite Living currently has several projects across Ghana, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka but also has activity in the United Kingdom.

Bau Lifestyle

Bau Lifestyle is the world’s local lifestyle company, providing quality without compromise and value for money in a ‘one-stop solution’. Bau Lifestyle fulfil the needs and desires of home buyers and developers to furnish residential, hotels, corporate and other spaces and provide turn-key stylish, fully decorated pre-packaged home or room setting, complete with furniture solutions, to suit any budget.

Bau Lifestyle provides an expert design service and sources the best quality materials from around the world, incorporating everything from furniture to fixtures and fittings. As part of the Bau Group, this enables to provide excellent value because of the buying power and this principle is filtered into any Bau Lifestyle living or workspace project.


Vectorcide has developed a unique, insecticidal formula that uses advanced technology to kill airborne disease carriers. Approved by the World Health Organisation, Vectorcide is used by SHS in housing developments to create safe and healthy environments for people. It helps to prevent the spread of diseases such as malaria, Zika virus, dengue fever, yellow fever and other insect-borne diseases.

Once applied, the coating lasts for two up to years, killing all types of flying and crawling insects such as ticks, lice, mosquitoes, weevils, wasps and termites. It is absolutely safe for humans, pets and the environment.