Current projects


Following the MOU signed in July 2019 between SHS, UNOPS and the Government of Pakistan, The Honorable Prime Minister Khan has expressed the request for SHS to initiate its first housing development in Gwadar. This project will be dedicated to the community of fishermen who have been living and working in the heart Gwadar for centuries and are today in urgent need of housing accommodation.

SHS have already met with the Deputy Commissioner of Gwadar and Retired Captain, Muhammad Waseem, to discuss all ongoing and future projects scheduled for Gwadar. Significant parts of the meetings have included visits to the port of Gwadar and the land sites already assisgned for the development of SHS housing projects in this historic fishing community.

The project will commence with the construction and development of 8,000 affordable housing units, and could potentially be extended up to 32,000 units across the Gwadar district. There is enough land available for such purposes and huge support from the local authorities to provide the fishermen with affrodable and safe housing solutions.

In order to best serve the Gwadar community, SHS has conducted ground research and gathered information about the preferred accommodation by the local people. It has identified that 3 bedroom apartments are the most suitable for family sizes in Gwadar, with additional living spaces, kitchen, and communal areas / storage capacity for their fishing equipment.

The cost and price of these units have also been discussed and further feasibility studies and calculations are to be conducted to conclude the financial modelling for this housing scheme. SHS is delighted to have the local housing and development authorities support for this project, as they have both expressed their flexibility and willingness to help as much as possible to make this project viable for everyone involved. In addition to the construction of affordable housing units, the communities will also have access to renewable energy such as solar and wind, desalination plants and waste management systems to better serve the communities.